For parents and caregivers of children age seven to nine

You know your child's behavior and abilities best. While every child's development is unique, children in this age group need supervision when they walk near traffic. Make sure your child is ready for the next step in learning how to walk safely by checking the following:

My child:

  • Understands that traffic is dangerous.
  • Uses safe crossing sites we have identified together.
  • Always stops at the edge of the road.
  • Always looks in all directions before starting to cross.
  • Starts crossing when no cars are coming.
  • Keeps looking for traffic when crossing.
  • Walks directly across the road.

If your child has trouble with these steps, practice and talk about the following:

  1. Safe crossing sites have few cars and clear views of traffic.
  2. Always stop at the edge of the road or the curb to look for traffic.
  3. It is important to look for cars in all directions before starting to cross.
  4. It is safest to cross when no cars are coming in any direction. If you are at an intersection with a walk signal, wait until the walk signal appears and then look in all directions for traffic before crossing.
  5. Keep looking for traffic when crossing to make sure you can see cars coming.
  6. Walking directly across the street is the safest way to cross.