For parents and caregivers of children age four to six

You know your child's behavior and abilities best. Keep in mind that all children develop differently but young children always need supervision when they walk in or near traffic. Help your child become a safe pedestrian by practicing these skills.

Help your child safely cross the street

  1. Stop at the edge of the road.
    Say: We stop here at the edge of the road to look for cars before we cross. We only cross where we can see if cars are coming.

  2. Look in all directions for traffic.
    Say: Before we cross, we look for cars. We look left, right, left again and behind us. Let's look together.

  3. Cross only when no cars are coming.
    Say: Do you see any cars coming?

  4. Hold hands when crossing. Walk across the road when no cars are coming.
    Say: Now we can walk across the road because no cars are coming. We're going to keep watching for cars as we cross.

Help your child understand the traffic environment

  1. Walk with your child and hold hands.
    Say: We always hold hands when we walk to stay safe.

  2. Explain stop signs, crosswalks, traffic lights and other pedestrian signs that you see along your walk.
    Say: Stop signs are red, they tell cars to stop. Crosswalks are where people walk across the road. Traffic lights tell cars when to stop and when to go. For cars, red means stop and green means go.

  3. Show your child the safest place to cross.
    Say: This is where we cross the road because we can see when cars are coming and they can see us. We cross at a crosswalk or intersection when we can because that is where drivers expect to see walkers.