Safety Patrols

Sign reads "Respect our Neighborhood Drive Responsibly Drive 25 mph"

Pembroke Hill Lower School, Kansas City, MO.

Student safety patrols enhance enforcement of drop-off and pick-up procedures at school by increasing safety for students and traffic flow efficiency for parents. Such efforts allow students to participate in promoting traffic safety where they learn skills they can use in their everyday lives. Having a student safety patrol program at a school requires approval by the school and a committed teacher or parent volunteer to coordinate the student trainings and patrols. Before beginning a program, school officials should be contacted for approval of the program and to determine how liability issues will be addressed.

Students who are chosen for safety patrol officers are in good company. Past school safety patrol officers include current members of the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Tool: Safety patrol


Students assist with student arrival and departure at school.


  • Provides needed help.
  • Builds student role models.


  • Requires adult coordinator.
  • School approval needed.