Temporary Use of School Grounds as a Drop-off and Pick-up Zone

A section of the school grounds, such as a play area or parking lot, can be used as a dedicated drop-off and pick-up zone only when children are arriving at, or leaving, school. Temporary drop-off and pick-up zones can be useful in older, urban schools that were built with no student loading areas and when most children walked to school rather than being driven to school.

Some schools have received permission from their fire department or Fire Marshal to use a gated fire lane that encircles the school building as a parent pick-up and drop-of zone. This use requires parents to always stay in their vehicle and use a circulation pattern so that students load on the building side of the vehicle. At other times this area is closed to motor vehicle traffic.

Tool: Temporary use of school grounds as drop-off and pick-up zone

What is it and how does it work?

  • Use school play area, parking lot or other area as drop-off and pick-up zone

Benefits strategy provides

  • Provides a separate space for drop off and pick up by motor vehicle.

Key factors to consider

  • Useful in schools in densely developed areas with space constraints.
  • Education of parents and students is important.
  • Need good sign and paint plan — cones may be helpful.
  • To use a Fire Lane as a drop-off or pick-up zone, need to obtain approval from fire department beforehand.