Nonstandard signs are not always understood by drivers. This sign is often hit by motor vehicles and leads some drivers to believe the entire street, and not just the crosswalk, is off-limits to parking.

(left) Sign reads 'Pull Forward Student Drop Off Driver Must Remain in Vehicle'. (right) Sign reads 'Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Please Move Forward Do Not Leave Vehicle'.

When worded properly and when parents are educated properly, some nonstandard signs can be quite helpful in regulating drop-off zones. Orangewood Elementary School (left) and Roadrunner Elementary School (right), Phoenix, AZ.

Portland, OR

Signs help define areas in drop-off and pick-up zones and their proper use. Signs should be standard, highly visible, properly installed, and well maintained.

Some signs can be confusing if improperly placed or poorly worded. Signs with fewer words are easier to read and understand. Standard signs should be used on school property and in the surrounding area for regulating and guiding traffic. A local traffic engineer can recommend appropriate signs and their placement. See the Engineering section for more information on signing.

Tool: Signing

What is it and how does it work?

  • Clearly indicates intended use of zone.

Benefits strategy provides

  • Low cost.
  • Provides continuous explanation of zone.

Key factors to consider

  • Use standard signs.
  • Install signs properly.
  • Maintain signs.