Monitoring and Enforcement of Drop-off and Pick-up Policies

This notice is placed on a vehicle windshield to inform the driver that they have illegally parked in a drop-off and pick-up zone for busses.

Enforcement of drop-off and pick-up rules is essential in creating a safe drop-off and pick-up environment. Enforcement as it applies to the entire Safe Routes to School program is discussed in detail in the Enforcement chapter, so it will be mentioned just briefly here.

Enforcement of drop-off and pick-up policies and process can be performed by a variety of people. Schools around the country have had success utilizing police, school personnel, or parent volunteers. When new drop-off and pick-up plans are implemented, assistance may be requested from the police to make sure traffic flows smoothly during the first few days. Implementing a new plan may also require more volunteers or monitors to regulate parent activity in the first few days.

Tool: Education and enforcement of drop-off and pick-up strategies

What is it and how does it work?

  • Inform and remind school community of drop-off and pick-up policies and process.

Benefits strategy provides

  • May be only additional activity necessary to keep drop-off and pick-up safe and efficient

Key factors to consider

  • Regular reminders and consistent application of rules necessary.
  • Reward students if their parents follow the process.
  • Police assistance may be requested when implementing a new plan.