When Two or More Adult School Crossing Guards are Needed

Red octagons represent adult school crossing guard location on a multi-lane road.

For signalized or unsignalized crossings with four or more lanes, experts recommend using two adult school crossing guards working in unison, with one guard positioned on each side of the street. Each guard stands on the crosswalk line closest to the approaching traffic for his or her half of the street and between the approaching traffic and the students.

A team of two or more guards should be assigned to school crossings at divided streets to help children cross safely. One guard stops one stream of traffic while the other guard stops traffic in the opposite lanes. In order to coordinate signaling, the guard on the side of the street from which children are approaching makes the decisions, with the second guard taking his or her cues from the first guard. Guards should not cross students during the protected left turn signal when the DON'T WALK signal flashes and ensure that all right-turning vehicles yield while students are crossing.

More than two guards may also be needed at an intersection of two major arterial streets where children must cross two or more legs of the intersection.