When an Emergency Situation Arises

During a guard's duty, emergency situations, such as a sudden illness or an injury due to a crash, may occur near the school crossing. In the case of an emergency, a guard must stay at his or her post, keep control of the situation, and use the following basic procedure to ensure the children's safety:

  1. Stop crossing the children.
  2. Group the children away from the street to maintain control.
  3. Remain at the assigned post with the children.
  4. Ask several people to call 911.
  5. Do not move the victim, unless the victim is in serious and immediate danger of being struck by another vehicle.
  6. Use a vehicle to block the crash victim from traffic, if necessary. The vehicle should be positioned a distance away from the victim to provide protection from other vehicles but, if struck would not endanger the victim or rescue workers.
  7. Always notify the supervisor as soon as possible of any emergency that occurred.

When fire trucks, ambulances or other emergency vehicles approach the crossing with emergency lights and sirens in use, the guard keeps children out of the street and a safe distance away from the crossing until the emergency vehicles have passed.

Ideally, a guard should take a first aid short course and a CPR class offered by the Red Cross or the local Fire Department to learn the best way to respond to an emergency situation.