Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Putting It Into Practice: "25 or Less" Campaign

Morton Way Public School, Brampton Ontario, Canada

Morton Way Public School in Brampton, Ontario, Canada has 877 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 5. Approximately 50 students travel to school by school bus and the rest of the students live within walking distance of the school. During the past four years Morton Way has sustained a successful walk to school program with between 83 and 92 percent of students walking or bicycling to school on specific days.

Despite the success of the program, the Morton Way community still felt there were too many private vehicles dropping off students. They recently implemented a new initiative to reduce the amount of vehicles at the school through a '25 cars or less' campaign. A 'thermometer' is displayed to alert drivers how many vehicles dropped off students the day before and school PA announcements update the students of progress. There are also signs displayed around the school promoting the '25 or less' campaign.

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